Building Trust Through Digital Identity


Building Trust Through Digital Identity

PTF 1776 Final Presentation

The Problem:

The absence of a digital identity prevents billions from accessing basic services


A Systematic Problem:

No Digital ID A Systematic Problem - No Digital ID 2.png

A Trust Problem:

The Building Blocks 


Step 1

Local Mobilization

Step 2

Public, Private & CSO Partnerships

Step 3

National Identity Programs

Step 4

Trusted Digital Identities


 Getting Traction:

focus on 4 Key areas

Why KOBO.ID? - Icon - Governments & Civic Institutions.png

Governments & Civic Institutions

  • Cost savings

  • Increased transparency

  • Higher accountability - Icon - Citizens.png


  • Simple, Easy and Secure Digital Payment Service

  • Access public services digitally

  • Establishing a digital identity through an assured private sector identity service

  • Financial Inclusion, for un-banked citizens - Icon - Service Providers.png

Service Providers

  • Customer Acquisition - Strong business case at scale

  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency and transparency

  • KYC Compliance


Kobo.ID Use Cases


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